Plan of Action

25 Sep

Right, now I’ve made the decision that this weight is coming off and coming off for good I need to organise.

First up: Eating Food.

Like in Gremlins, there are rules that need to be followed :-

  • My long love affair with bread is over
  • Pasta too
  • More vegetables. They’re good, they’re nutrtious and you can consume large amounts of them without worrying about weight gain
  • Potatoes…you’re gone too…apart from occasional Sweet Potatoes (less GI (Glyceamic Index) impact.
  • Milk. Needs to be a rare thing, suprisingly high in sugar.
  • Butter. Is King. But not any old butter. It must be grass fed, which contains many essential nutrients. Grain fed cows do not get this benefit. Margarines and spreads are not to be trusted, they will keep you fat. Only natural goodness permitted.
  • Meat. Grassfed Beef and Lamb are the optimum, it’s lucky I live in the country with the greatest lamb in the world. Sourcing grassfed beef might be trickier though. If not grassfed, go for lean cuts (and add plenty of butter). Dave Asprey at Bulletproof exec recommends organ meats in particular due to the very high vitamin content of them. I don’t mind the occasional piece of Lamb or Calves liver so I’ll manage.
  • Eggs. Pastured eggs, specifically yolks. The yolks should be as uncooked as possible to prevent oxidisation of the healthy fats contained within.
  • Fish. Fresh wild fish is encouraged, especially things like Wild Salmon, Trout, Haddock. Also Fermented Cod Liver Oil is recommended. Doesn’t sound appetising but I’ll give it a go.
  • Oil. Avoid things Like Corn, Groundnut, Rapeseed andVegetable Oils. These are high in Omega-6, next to no Omega-3 oils and will do all manner of nastiness to your body. Olive Oil is good, providing it’s not cooked (this causes oxidisation of the Omega-3’s), Coconut Oil is a prime choice, it contains a lot of good nutritious qualities, also promotes a mild thermogenic effect (Though not like those pills that promise to melt your fat away…they don’t. I know because I tried them).
  • Avoid sugary fruits. Bananas and Grapes are out, pity. Surprisingly Strawberrys aren’t so bad which is great…they’re my favourite fruit.
  • No sugar, unsurpringly. Dodgy sweeteners that are bad for gut health are out too. Use Xylitol or Stevia as alternatives.
  • Coffee, Low mycotoxin, high-elevation, wet processed mold-free coffee. I’ll post a link once I’ve found a good source.

Here’s a link to the Bulletproof Diet : Read it all, but if you scroll down you’ll see a simple chart of what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Green is good, red is to be avoided (Unless it’s grassfed redmeat!). Avocados are my new best friend.


It’s also recommended to take Supplements. Again here’s a lin to a Dave Asprey blogpost on supplements. It’s far more comprehensive than anything I could write.


I need to make sure I get a good 7 hours of sleep, my body should be going through massive changes and sleep is the bodies major recuperation time. Deep REM sleep is good.


Running on a treadmill, or an eliptical walker does not make you lose fat effectively. I’ll be devising a plan based on short, high intensity workouts. These will benefit me by processing muscle growth which in turn will help increase my Base Metabolic Rate and increase my fatburning potential.


It’s important to drink plenty of water. Carbonated soft drinks are out, as are fruit juices. This plan involves starting the day with ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ (Which I’ll delve into in a future blogpost) but the rest of the day I’ll be drinking water. It’s recommended that people drink 1-2 litres a day, I’ll be aiming to do double to triple that.

Right, to google. I need to track down grassfed meat, mycotoxin free coffee and high grade supplements. And then to the local shops to get some of those veggies in. Later peeps!


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